Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why Does the Wiener Scream?

Welcome to The Screaming Wiener.

Don't try to make sense of the title of this blog. It has no hidden, deeper meaning. The wiener is screaming, and it enjoys it. Let's all just be happy it isn't yodeling.

Conway Twitty Presents: The Yodeling Wiener. Available on vinyl at your local Cracker Barrel.

Speaking of Cracker Barrel, am I the only one who is interested in the startingly numerous amount of objects on the walls that could be used to kill someone? Seriously...I'm not so sure it's a good idea for them to display so many pitchforks, picks, axes, and various other potential weapons within reach in a place that always has at least one screaming child running around and disturbing everyone.

And while we're on the subject of Cracker Barrel, the next time you go in there to eat I want you to look at all of the black and white pictures hanging on the walls. All of the people in those pictures are dead now. Enjoy your meal!

Fun fact: the Cracker Barrel in the city I live in is literally right next to a Hustler store.

And so ends our first blog together here at The Screaming Wiener. I blow my vuvuzela for all of you.

One last see all those sentences above? I typed all of those periods all by myself.

Work ethic. Pass it on.

Think of me next time you're in the shower. It's only gonna get stranger from this point on.